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Casino Night Rentals

Getting ready to host a big event? When hosting a party or gathering for a large amount of people, it can be stressful; making sure everyone is entertained and finds the event worthwhile. We will take some of that stress off your shoulders because here at Southern Star Casino Events, we have casino night rentals available for anyone to use! Whether you are hosting a party for 50 people or 200 people, we have the casino night rental accommodations to make your event a success.

Why Southern Star Casino Events?

  • Variety of Game Tables. Depending on the size of the crowd, our casino night rental packages include from 2 to 4 types of game tables for your liking. All of our packages are based on 3-hour events and are included in one total price, with no hidden fees. Our packages include:
  • 50-75 Guests: $750 and includes 2 Blackjack Tables and 1 Craps Table.
  • 50-100 Guests: $1,200 and includes 4 Blackjack Tables, 1 Craps Table, and 1 Roulette Table.
  • 100-150 Guests: $1,600 and includes 4 Blackjack Tables, 2 Poker Tables, 1 Craps Table, and 1 Roulette Table.
  • 150-200 Guests: $3,200 and includes 8 Blackjack Tables, 4 Poker Tables, 2 Craps Tables, and 2 Roulette Tables.
  • Customizable Casino Experience. As professional, we want to make your event special and worthwhile. Call our event staff at (972) 429-4567 and work with us to create the perfect game night for your situation. We want this to be a good experience for you and are ready to work with you to make your casino night rentals work for your customized night.
  • Dealers Included. Along with game tables and game supplies, our casino night rental packages include dealers for the ultimate casino experience. Our professional dealers will go out of their way to make your night one to remember and one that your guests will rave about for years to come!
  • Any Location. We understand that you may have the perfect place for your party, but just need the equipment to fill the space. Just give us the location of your event and we will bring your casino night rentals to you! Transform your event space into an elegant party room. This will surely liven up your guests and give them an enjoyable time.

Take your event to the next level with our top quality casino night rentals. Call us today and book your next event with Southern Star Casino Events!

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